Dry Erase Whiteboard Sheet with Adhesive on Back - Magnetic Surface, Self Adhesive White Gloss Vinyl Faced Ferrous Sheet/Self Adhesive White Gloss Vinyl Faced Ferrous Sheet

Dry Erase Gloss White Ferrous Sheet with Self Adhesive / Whiteboard Sheet

The Dry Erase Self-Adhesive Sheet turns every surface into a writable and erasable whiteboard surface. Ferrous sheets and tapes are not magnets; instead they provided a surface that magnets stick to very well. All of the items in this range have premium self-adhesive on one side making it easy to stick them to surfaces that are not magnetic, quickly creating a magnetically attractive surface in places which were non-magnetic before.

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Self-adhesive whiteboard foil 100x200 cmDry Erase Ferrous (magnetic) Sheets & Tapes

Ferrous sheets and tapes are not magnets; instead they provided a surface that magnets stick to very well. All of the items in this range have premium 3M self-adhesive on one side making it easy to stick them to surfaces that are not magnetic, quickly creating a magnetically attractive surface in places which were non-magnetic before.
For example, ferrous or steel tape is ideal for running around a wall so that magnets can be used to hang various items. While large ferrous sheets, used with magnetic dry-wipe labels are perfect for creating magnetic leader boards. Ferrous tape is a flexible rubber material that is infused with steel particles, while steel tape is very thinly rolled steel, it will give you a better attraction than ferrous tape.

  • gloss white ferrous sheet with self adhesive
  • This gloss white, self-adhesive, flexible ferrous sheet is not magnetic itself but you can stick magnets to it, ideal for creating an instant surface for sticking magnets too.
  • Turn any surface into a magnetically attractive surface with this self-adhesive ferrous sheet. The sheet is gloss white on the non-adhesive side and is ideal for making display or notice boards.
  • Use with small but powerful Neodymium magnets to create stunning displays at home, in the office or at school and never have to use fiddly drawing pins again. Alternatively, this sheet can be used in magnetic shielding applications.
  • With a higher density of iron particles than in ferrous paper and a superior print quality, ferrous vinyl is the perfect solution for the POS display. Ferrous vinyl can be screen or UV printed.

Self-adhesive whiteboard foil 100x200 cm Flexible Ferrous Sheet with Self Adhesive

Ferrous sheet looks very much like magnetic sheet and is similar in flexibility, weight and thickness. It provides a flexible alternative to steel and compliments our range of magnetic sheet products. It is similar to Steel Paper, but is thicker for increased strength. This makes it ideal for use where there is an intermediary material between the sheet and the magnet (PVC based for outdoor use also). It is flexible, receptive. As an adhesive base stencil to the magnetic substance, it has the sound safety and flexibility. The surface can be coated with film or be printed. It can be used for the wave absorbing materials and magnetic circuit shield. It is widely applicable for office supplies, exhibition board, toys, stationery, magnetic darts, etc. Flexible magnetic materials can be supplied on the roll, sheeted or slit to your specific requirements - fast turnaround and lowest prices.
Please note! - Ferrous foils are covered with a plastic film and have been treated with iron particles to achieve an magnetically adhesive effect. It is not the same as a full metallic surface, such as refrigerators. Therefore, we recommend that our customers only use neodymium magnets in conjunction with our ferrous foils. Only these magnets generate enough power to keep magnetic notes, photos, etc. on the ferrous foil.

Self-adhesive whiteboard foil 100x200 cmDry Erase Whiteboard Sheet with Adhesive on Back - Magnetic Surface

If you project require more than just an adhesive whiteboard, magnetic dry erase whiteboard rolls allow for magnetic material to attach to the front of the whiteboard. Similar to the adhesive whiteboard sheet rolls, the magnetic whiteboard rolls have a strong adhesive back that will stick to metal, wood, plastic, and more. Magnetic dry erase rolls are not only serve as a whiteboard but also as a magnetically receptive surface, allowing you to hang pictures, papers, and other materials up with magnets, allowing you to take your collaboration to a whole new level.

Self-adhesive whiteboard foil 100x200 cm Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Foil 100x200 cm / High quality glossy whiteboard film

The self-adhesive whiteboard film is a practical and inexpensive alternative to customary whiteboard because presentation areas can be created in, for example, seminar or conference rooms, and those in any shape and size you choose. It has a high adhesive strength and can be applied to any smooth surface like, for instance, glass, wood, plastic, etc.

Whiteboard markers are best used for writing on this film because such ink can be easily wiped off of its specially treated surface with a dry cloth without leaving any residue.

This film is not printable and is to be used exclusively indoors. It should only be applied dry at room temperature because the compound nature of the film means there is a longer drying time. It achieves its optimum adhesive strength after about one week.

Self-adhesive whiteboard foil in size 100x200 centimeters. Turns any surface into a writable and erasable whiteboard surface.

The film has an adhesive backing, making the film easy to put on any surface. It is also possible to cut the film to your own dimensions.

  • Flexible to apply to any smooth surface
  • Easily writable and erasable
  • Can be cut to custom size
  • Conforms to round surfaces

Note: the whiteboard foil is not magnetic. If you want to combine whiteboard foil with magnets, you have to place the film on a metal back.

Application areas of the whiteboard foil

  • Simple transformation of smooth walls, doors and glass panels in white white board surfaces
  • Ideal for restaurants, conference rooms, offices, schools, kindergartens, hospitals
  • Clear whiteboard foil for the individual designing of whiteboards
  • Ideally suited for applying on existing coloured oder printed foils



Dry Erase Self-Adhesive Sheet Roll / Whiteboard Sheet

Advantages of this whiteboard foil

  • Tiny air channels in the adhesive allow easy and dry bonding
  • Marking of the whiteboard sheet with "non-permanent" whiteboard markers
  • Often writable labels simply dry removable
  • Material is not attacked by the use of solvents, grease
  • Extremely scratch-resistant, ideal for changing label    
  • Unique whiteboard-combination for coloured or printed foils
  • Writable as often as desired, wipe labels simply dry
  • For adhesion to all smooth, dust and fatfree surfaces
  • No Ghosts writings even after continual use
  • Tear-resistant with anti scratch and solvent resistant surface
  • Very high gloss level of the whiteboard foil


 Dry Erase Self-Adhesive Sheet Roll / Whiteboard Sheet        Dry Erase Self-Adhesive Sheet Roll / Whiteboard Sheet                                 


Data sheet of this whiteboard foil

  • Installation: On all smooth surfaces
  • Material: PET / PVC composite
  • Whiteboard sheet thickness: 150 microns
  • Adhesive: acrylic, while the bond correctable
  • White whiteboard foil PVC film
  • To label with whiteboard pens (not with felt tip pen)
  • dry-wipeable
  • Ca 100μm                                                                                                                                                     




What is a running meter?

  • Simply order as a running meter and tailor to the individual level, if necessary
  • Application of the whiteboard foil dry and simple in few steps
  • Squeegee and cutting blade can be found in the online-shop under Accessories
  • Free installation instructions are part of each delivery                                                                                                                                       

                                         Dry Erase Self-Adhesive Sheet Roll / Whiteboard Sheet, Self-adhesive whiteboard foil 100x200 cm                                                   


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