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We accept banktransfer, credit card payments (MasterCard, Visa), Bitcoin and payments via PayPal.
Please use the EU standard transfer or the appropriate online menu for online payments if you transfer money from abroad (within the European Union).
The following data are absolutely necessary for foreign payments: first name and last name, company name of the beneficiary, IBAN (international account number) of the originator and the beneficiary and BIC (SWIFT-CODE) of the beneficiary's bank.
You get the IBAN and the BIC from the remittee. You can find your own IBAN on your account statement. Please pay attention to the correct entry of the IBAN and the BIC for online transfers.
"SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area in which all payments are handled as domestic payments. Since the beginning of SEPA in January 2008 a difference between national and international payments does not exist any longer. Users of transaction services are able to make cashless euro payments with SEPA only from one account within Europe. It is easy, efficient and secure to use the uniform payment instruments (SEPA transfer, SEPA debit and SEPA card payments) like the previous payment instruments on the national basis." (Quelle:
Because of legal regulations some countries have to be handled with another VAT rate.
Thus, the prices in the online shop are calculated again and can differ from the ones shown before.
If you have any further questions concerning this matter, please contact our hotline.

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'Easy (and) uncomplicated. Send the goods back to our shop and we reimburse the amount to your account (less freight charges) that has been indicated for the order.
Your confidence is important for us!
You can be sure that your personal data as well as your credit card data and your account data are not given to a third party. They are only used for the order process. If you order online and pay by credit card, your credit card data (i.e. credit card number, duration of validity, check digit, credit card name) are only transferred to companies that are involved in the payment process. Your personal credit card data are not saved by


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