5 x Ring Magnet Ø 12,8/8,5 x 5mm Samarium Cobalt (SmCo), uncoated - pull 1,8 kg

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5 x Ring Magnet Ø 12,8/8,5 x 5mm Samarium Cobalt (Rare Earth), uncoated - pull 1,8 kg

5 pieces - SmCo Strong permanent magnets


Samarium Cobalt (or SmCo) magnets are strong permanent magnets made of an alloy of samarium and cobalt. They are known for their high magnetic strength, exceptional temperature resistance, and reliable performance without oxidation protection. As a result, they are more suitable for certain applications than Neodymium magnets.


Temperature Considerations

A Samarium Cobalt magnet can withstand higher temperatures than a Neodymium magnet. The maximum operating temperatures for Samarium Cobalt magnets are between 250 and 550 °C; Curie temperatures range from 700 to 800 °C. Additionally, a Samarium Cobalt magnet is less subject to corrosion than a Neodymium magnet, and usually does not require coating or plating.


Machining & Magnetization

Samarium Cobalt magnets offer strong resistance to demagnetization. All Samarium Cobalt magnets cannot be formed with conventional drilling, turning or milling processes, and must be ground before they are magnetized. Additionally, large or complex assemblies are usually magnetized prior to assembly. Standard tolerances for Samarium Cobalt magnets are +/-.005 for ground dimensions.


Samarium Cobalt Magnets

Samarium Cobalt magnets are made by a sintering process and exist in two forms. The first is Sm1Co5 and this has a maximum energy product of between 14 and 24 MGOe. The second, and more common, form is is Sm2Co17 (SmCo 2:17) and this has a maximum energy product of between 22 and 32 MGOe. Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets are slightly weaker than Neodymium (NdFeB) magnets but work over a much wider temperature range (they can work from cryogenic temperatures up to +250 or +300/+350 degrees C; the SmCo26 is rated to +300 degreec C), have superior temperature coefficients and have greater corrosion resistance. We offer 29 grades of sintered SmCo and 7 main grades of bonded SmCo. SmCo26 (a 2:17 variety) is the most commonly used grade.




  Manufactured after 2013/01/01, The object of the declaration described above is in conformity with DIRECTIVE 2011/65/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL an the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

  • Sm​​​Co​17 - Ring-Magnet, Ø 12,8mm x Ø 8,5mm x 5mm
  • uncoated - Samarium Cobalt (Rare Earth)
  • Strength: 1,8 kg
  • Magnetized: Axial


Product Code:





Ø12,8 (in 8,5)


5 mm







Adhesion force (Kg):


Max Temp (° C):



2,63 g

Remanent flux density Br:

960...1040 mT

Coercivity Hcb:

660...780 kA/m, (8,3...9,8 kOe)

Intrinsic coercivity Hcj:

1194 kA/m (?15 kOe)

Maximum energy product (BH) max:

175...207 kJ/m³(22...26 MGOe)


8,4 g/cm³

Temperature coefficient of Hcj:


Curie temperature:

820...850 °C


magnetic polarization

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