Flexible Magnetic Tape with 3M adhesive Magnet Strip 2mm x 15mm x 1m

- for Curved, Twisted, and Irregular Surfaces - not magnetic receptive -


3M Flexible Magnet Tape is a general pupose, flexible magnet tape that allows reclosbale magnetic attachment to metallic surfaces and is coated with a high performance, low surface energy acrylic adhesive, which provides a high bond strength to most surfaces. The flexible tape has a range of applications far beyond those associated with traditional, stiff, rubber based magnet tape. This Self-Adhesive Magnet Strip is fantastic for arts and crafts projects or to use at home or school. Simply cut it with scissors, peel off the backing and attach. Apply the tape to items of your choice and display on any magnetic surface. Make anything magnetic!


Home uses include:

  • Attach 2 non-metallic surfaces together. 3M adhesive for paper, card, light gauge acrylic, Flyscreens, display systems
  • 3M™ Flexible Magnet Tape is a general purpose, adhesive backed, flexible magnet tape that allows reclosable attachment of objects and surfaces to metallic surfaces.
  • High strength magnetic tape
  • Acrylic adhesive bonds to many surfaces
  • Flexible tape attaches to irregular surfaces
  • Unique design eliminates cracking and increases durability
  • Simply cut with scissors to suit your application


Industrial uses include:

  • mounting signage, building displays, securing metal doors, and attaching tools to machinery.


  • Manufacturing applications include:
  • attachments in containers, baggage, garments, door seals, and electronics. Arts and crafts and household uses include: hanging artwork, and window coverings, temporary attachment of seasonal decorations, and labeling. The acrylic adhesive also provides excellent adhesion to surfaces contaminated lightly with oil typically used with machinery parts.




Flexible Magnetic Tape Strip with 3M adhesive 2mm x 15mm x 100cm, very strong    


Haftkraft g/cm2 gemessen bei direkter Verbindung | ohne Luftspalt

Materialstärke Magnetisierung

Haftkraft g/cm2


0,3 mm

14 g/cm2

0,4 mm

32 g/cm2

0,5 mm

37 g/cm2

0,6 mm

39 g/cm2

0,7 mm

40 g/cm2

0,8 mm

52 g/cm2

0,9 mm


1 mm

83 g/cm2

1,5 mm

92 g/cm2

2 mm

105 g/cm2

3,2 mm

180 g/cm2



  • Create magnetic visuals. Cut tape to size, peel backing and adhere to paper, cardboard or plastic. Stick magnetic side to metal surface. Organize and customize magnetic planning boards with numbers, letters, headings and symbols that are easily movable for quick updates.



  Manufactured after 2013/01/01, The object of the declaration described above is in conformity with DIRECTIVE 2011/65/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL an the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

  • Bendable. Bondable. Adaptable. Dependable. 3M Flexible Magnet Tape is built with a strong, yet very flexible polymer composite.
  • Flexible Magnet Tape with 3M adhesive holds fast around sharp curves, twists, and irregular surfaces without popping off. Backed by a strong adhesive, our flexible magnet tape will attach nearly any material to a metal surface.
  • Additionally, the flexible tape's ability to conform to odd surfaces expands its range of applications far beyond those associated with traditional stiff magnet strips.
  • Strength: 90g/cm ², Quality: anisotropic
  • Note: Not Magnetic Receptive


Technical Specifications:

Magnosphere - Artikel number


Form / Model

flexible magnets with 3M adhesive


magnetic sheet - Magnetic tape


2mm x 15mm x 100cm

Color dark brown
Quality Anisotrope
Polarity NSNSN (5 Poles)
Adhesive 3M
Adhesion force (Kg) 90 g/cm²
Max Temp (° C) -15°C bis +80°C


adhesive backed, flexible magnet tape that allows reclosable attachment of objects and surfaces to metallic surfaces


magnetic  magnetization​  

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