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Top quality Dry Erase Board Magnets & Accessories, markers and supplies, including chart-making items, document holders and write-on magnets are available at Magnosphere. Get noticed with our collection of whiteboard magnetic accessories like dry erase board magnets, marker trays and many more items. We have products for every imaginable whiteboard need. We carry the accessories  for your magnetic dry erase board that include an array of items to help you get organized, stay productive and to keep everyone around you in the loop.

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Magnetic Accessories for whiteboards / Magnets & Magnetic Accessories for Dry Erase Boards

Top quality whiteboard magnets, markers and supplies, including chart-making items, document holders and write-on magnets are available at Magnosphere. Get noticed with our collection of whiteboard magnetic accessories like dry erase board magnets, marker trays and many more items. We have products for every imaginable whiteboard need. We carry the accessories  for your magnetic dry erase board that include an array of items to help you get organized, stay productive and to keep everyone around you in the loop. We have pre-cut colored magnetic strips of various sizes that you can easily write on to help distinguish important notes from the rest of the whiteboard space. We offter items like vinyl chart tape and microfiber wiping cloths to keep your board tidy.

Board Accessories

  • A main focal point in many classrooms as a part of their office supplies, a whiteboard helps to clearly convey and organize thoughts and information. For optimal performance, buy top-quality dry erase board accessories that extend the usefulness of every board.

Whiteboard Eraser for Whiteboards

  • Works great for cleaning dry erase boards! No need to use any special sprays or cleaning products. To erase any nasty residue or permanent water all you have to do is add water to eraser! Dry-erase Eraser is ideal for quick erasing on a dry-erase surface. Eraser is perfect for boardrooms and classrooms with large dry-erase boards and prevents damage from dried ink.

Dry-Erase Magnetic Tape Strip

  • Organize your magnetic planning board with Dry Erase Magnetic Tape Strip that is great for color coordinating projects or schedules. Write on, wipe off magnetic strips are the perfect magnetic accessory for any magnetic scheduling or planning board. These colorful magnetic strips from Magnosphere allow you use your magnetic scheduling board more efficiently.
  • Why erase and re-write the same information in a different block when you can write the information onto a colorful magnetic strip and simply move it?
  • These color strips are great for color coding planning boards.
  • Can be written on with dry erase markers.
  • Great for other magnetic surfaces as well, such as file cabinets.
  • Organize your magnetic planning board with colored re-writable magnets

Magnetic Card Holder

  • Magnetic Card Holder is self-adhesive and reusable, can maximize your productivity, and organizes your work with efficiency.
  • Magnetic material with slots above and below to hold in cardstock labels.
  • Data cards can be used on any steel surface to label.
  • Easy to move and change data.
  • Self-adhesive and reusable
  • Comes in various pack sizes

Magnetic Adhesive Tape

  • Now you can convert Non-Magnetic visuals into movable Magnetic displays with our magnetic strips with adhesive backing. The peel and stick adhesive side sticks securely to paper, cardboard, wood, plastic or metal. The magnetic strip side clings tightly to any steel surface. Magnetic strips are ideal for signs, displays, artwork, posters, desktop publishing, logos and magnetic business cards.
  • Magnetic tape with an adhesive back that sticks firmly to the back of any item being displayed and converts nonmagnetic visuals into movable magnetic displays!
  • Magnetic rolls with an adhesive on one side.
  • Use to make labels, or adhere to anything you want to put on a magnetic surface.
  • Attach to pictures, business cards, and much more.
  • Cuts with ease to create the specific length needed
  • Cuts with ease to create the specific length needed

Multi Whiteboard Cleaner

  • Multi-whiteboard cleaner comes in an 8 oz bottle, lets you clean all dry-erase surfaces, and is perfect for school or office use. This multi-whiteboard cleaner with low odor provides powerful cleaning that is risk-free for you and the environment. The cleaner contains bio-based cleaning agents that help you to clean dry-erase surfaces in an environmentally safe way.
  • Multi-whiteboard cleaner delivers powerful cleaning
  • 8 oz. bottle
  • Contains bio-based cleaning agents that let you clean up in an environmentally safe way
  • Low odor

Dry Erase Markers (Set of 4)

  • This is a great dry erase marker so there’s no more looking for an eraser.
  • Marker type: Dry erase
  • Erasers are reusable and clean up with soap and water
  • Color: Assorted (one of each color - red, blue, green, black)
  • Compliance standards: AP certified nontoxic

Dry Erase Pockets, Assorted Colors

  • Save paper by allowing the same worksheet to be used over and over again. Heavyweight material is durable and will stand up to daily use. Reusable clear pockets. Holds A4 (8 1/2" x 11") or A3 paper  
  • Dry erase pockets that can be used over and over again
  • Clear plastic pockets with assorted color frames
  • Each pocket holds A4 or A3 paper
  • Heavyweight material will stand up to daily use

Dry Erase Board Accessories Enhance Whiteboard Usage Decorative magnets and clips work well with magnetic whiteboards. Dry erase tape.

Plain Ferro sheet (magnet receptive material) is brown on both sides but the backing has a UV coating. It also helps protect the material and aids handling.

This material is ideally used to make a magnet receptive surface that can be written on and cleaned off. Often used to make 'magnetic' notice boards or create a 'magnetic' wall. It can come upto 1000 mm wide and with an adhesive on the back or not!

This large, gloss white, flexible ferrous sheet with dry-wipe finish is not magnetic itself but you can stick magnets to it, ideal for creating an instant whiteboard or noticeboard. Turn any surface into a magnetically attractive surface with this large, flexible ferrous sheet. The sheet is gloss white on one side, combined with its dry-wipe surface it is ideal for making display or notice boards that work like any other 'hard' noticeboard. Use with small but powerful Neodymium magnets to create stunning displays at home, in the office or at school and never have to use fiddly drawing pins again. Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard Sheet - Home & Office.

This Rubber Steel Sheet is a unique product with an extensive number of uses. Common applications for these rolls include point of purchase displays, classroom teaching aids, temporary signage, and craft displays. Use this product to make your ideas come to life. These Rubber Steel magnetically receptive rolls are available in precut rolls or by the foot. Easily cut these rolls with scissors or a utility knife.

  • Consists of fine iron powders and high quality thermoplastics
  • Not magnetic itself
  • Ideal attraction basis for holding permanent magnets
  • Meets with international material safety standards
  • Plain brown (no laminates) or laminated with vinyl or laminated with adhesive

What is a Flexible rubber iron sheet?

Ferro Sheet is a receptive rubber sheet which accepts magnets. Use Ferro sheet outdoors or indoors. Available plain, white gloss, dry-wipe, coloured vinyl. Create a magnetic board with either plain or adhesive backed magnetic material then print your image directly onto one of the materials detailed in our Magnet-Shop, Magnosphere.co.uk

Important Notice: Ferro sheet | Steel sheet, Metal Tape Self Adhesive | Ferrous Tape for Magnets | Metallic Steel Strip are used as a base for neodymium magnets. We also recommend Magnet Receptive Material, or our Whiteboardboard. Cuts of Ferro sheet, Magnetic Sheet or other foils and strips are excluded from returns or exchanges at any time.

Magnetic Receptive Material - Magnets stick to it!!!!

Ferro Sheet is lightweight magnetic receptive material ideal for multiple applications in school, home, office, or retail environments. Magnetic receptive material is perfect for creating changeable message and menu boards, Point of Purchase displays, craft displays, and more. Rubber steel allows many non-magnetic flat or curved surfaces to hold magnetic graphics, magnetic sheets, magnetic strip, or hard magnets.

Flexible Ferro Sheets with Printable White Vinyl

  • Printable white vinyl is laminated on the non-magnetic side of flexible magnetic extrusions.
  • Wide choices of vinyl to suit different printing methods: e.g. screen printing and digital printing

Ferro sheeting has many advantages

Scissor-cutting, knife-cutting, die-cutting are easy and unlike dangerous iron sheets, edges do not cut users' skin. It is often used in display boards, schedule planners, educational aids, toys etc. It can be applied onto both flat and curved surfaces.
Safe Use: Being flexible, unlike the normal iron, the edges will not cut or hurt users' skin.
Convenient Use: Scissor-cutting, knife-cutting, die-cutting are easy.
Well Applied: can be applied onto various surfaces, including flat and curved surfaces.
Pole alignment is not a problem
Europen standard on safety of toys: EN71 part 3 are passed

Flexible Ferro Sheets with Adhesive

Ferro Sheeting is the ideal attraction basis for holding permanent magnets. It is not magnetic itself. It is like flexible iron, but it is not iron. It is supplied in plain or laminated with vinyls or laminated with pressure sensitive adhesives.

  • Various adhesives are available to suit your applications
  • Indoor or outdoor adhesives
  • Rubber-based or acrylic-based adhesives

Extra thin Ferro Sheet

Extra thin Ferro is only 0.3mm thick (or HD Ferro 0.18mm thick), the main advantage of extra thin apart from the fact it is lighter which makes it cheaper to transport and easier to handle is that because it is more flexible it hugs the contours of uneven surfaces better. Suitable for solvent, eco solvent and UV printing as well as traditional screen printing.

Steel Paper

It is ideal for those using wooden/plastic/cardboard boxes as it enables them to line the bottom of their boxes so that magnetically based figures will be attracted to the boxes.

Who supplies high quality Flexible Iron Sheet / Ferro / Steel Sheet?

Magnosphere offers best priced Flexible Iron Sheet / Ferro / Steel Sheet globally to all industries, including Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Advertising, Design House, Electronic and Academic/R&D. Please inquire for custom Neodymium magnets or magnetic assembly.

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