Samarium Cobalt SmCo Pot Magnet with Screwed Bush

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Samarium Cobalt SmCo Pot Magnet with internal threaded bushing, is built with disc magnet embedded in a high-permeability stainless steel shell. Pot Magnet with Internal Threaded Stud, screw socket, allow for a variety of screw-in connection and form the basis for easy fixing or attaching components with a screw or bolt and secure and versatile magnetic solution for various applications. Excellent resistance to corrosion and 392°F (200°C) maximum operating temperature. Buy now!

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SmCo Internal Threaded Stud Pot Magnet / Female Threaded Stud Pot Magnet

Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets with internal thread stud/Boss mounting have that thick steel backing with female thread section. With help of threads like M4 and M10 screw and a bolt, these magnets have a platform, which can hold the pot magnets with much efficient internal thread with Stud/Boss mounting on the place.

Internal Stud/Boss has range which offer superlative range, which clamp down the forces from 0,5 kg to 22 kg. It also come different shapes and sizes ranging from 6 mm to 32 mm in diameters.

The internal threaded stud pot magnet is also known as a female threaded stud pot magnet. They consist of a ferromagnetic mild steel cup containing a magnet (usually a disc magnet) with a ferromagnetic mild steel stud / boss / bush mounting at the back of the pot magnet into which a threaded hole has been made.

Strong pot magnets especially for clamping applications with a variety of fixings and attachments including threaded holes, hooks and eybolts.

Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets offer designers a tremendous combination of extremely high magnetic properties, outstanding thermal stability and excellent corrosion resistance. Galvanized body, SmCo5 magnetic core, anisotropic, working temperature max. 200 degrees C

The internal threaded stud pot magnet is also known as a female threaded stud pot magnet. They consist of a ferromagnetic mild steel cup containing a magnet (usually a disc magnet) with a ferromagnetic mild steel stud / boss / bush mounting at the back of the pot magnet into which a threaded hole has been made.

These pot magnets are known as female threaded stud pot magnets because the internal threaded hole could take pot magnets with threaded bar at the back (external threaded stud pot magnets / male threaded stud pot magnets) as well as bolts. Because the mild steel is stud / boss is threaded there is decent thread length allowing reasonably high torque to be applied to securely hold each pot magnet in place. The SmCo version of the internal threaded stud pot magnet can be used at temperatures up to 200 degrees C and is suitable for almost any application.

Product features

Article number D mm d mm H mm L mm Thread M Force* N weight g Temperature °C  
2373 6+0.1/-0.1 6+0.1/-0.1 4.5+0.1/-0.1 11.5+0.2/-0.2 M3 5 2 200
2374 8+0.1/-0.1 6+0.1/-0.1 4.5+0.1/-0.1 11.5+0.2/-0.2 M3 13 3 80
2375 10+0.1/-0.1 6+0.1/-0.1 4.5+0.1/-0.1 11.5+0.2/-0.2 M3 25 4 200
2376 13+0.1/-0.1 6+0.1/-0.1 4.5+0.1/-0.1 11.5+0.2/-0.2 M3 60 5 200
2377 16+0.1/-0.1 6+0.1/-0.1 4.5+0.1/-0.1 11.5+0.2/-0.2 M4 95 7 200
2378 20+0.1/-0.1 8+0.2/-0.2 6+0.1/-0.1 13+0.2/-0.2 M4 140 16 200
2379 25+0.1/-0.1 8+0.2/-0.2 7+0.2/-0.2 14+0.2/-0.2 M4 200 27 200
2380 32+0.1/-0.1 10+0.2/-0.2 7+0.2/-0.2 15.5+0.2/-0.2 M5 350 45 200

*The forces were determined at room temperature on a polished steel plate (S235JR according to DIN 10 025) with a thickness of 10 mm (1kg~10N). A deviation of up to -10% compared to the specified value is possible in exceptional cases. In general, the value is exceeded.


  • These magnets have only one surface of magnetic attraction. This type of construction prevents further spread of magnetic field. Due to this, other items or machine parts in the vicinity of the pot magnets do not become magnetized.
  • These magnets have ability to retain their magnetic force indefinitely.
  • The magnetic force of these magnets are only affected by the increased temperature and external magnetic force.


These magnets are versatile magnets which are designed for various industrial applications. The popular industries in which these magnets are used are as follows:

  • The metal and steel industry
  • Tool shops
  • Used to position ferrous-magnetic work pieces

Pot magnets can be fabricated into many shapes and types:


Types of pot magnets

Allowed Temperature

Alnico pot magnets

3.6 ~ 3.8 g/cm3

Ceramic pot magnets

92 ~ 97 Hs (A)

Neoflux pot magnets

58 ~ 78 kg/cm2

Samarium cobalt pot magnets

125 ~ 165 %

Pot electromagnets pot magnets

180° C

Pot Magnets, Ceramic Pot Magnets, Alnico Pot Magnets, Samarium Cobalt Pot Magnets, Neoflux Pot Magnets, Other Pot Magnets

Depending on the temperature durability these magnets are of following types:

  • ceramic magnets
  • alnico magnets
  • Samarium Cobalt Pot Magnets
  • Other Pot Magnets

We offer seven types of Pot Magnet plus a Surface Protecting Slide Resist Clamp Magnet

  • Pot Magnet with External Threaded Stud / Boss Mounting
  • Pot Magnet with Internal Threaded Mounting (Deep Pot)
  • Pot Magnet with Countersunk Mounting (Shallow Pot)
  • Pot Magnet with Through Hole Mounting
  • Pot Magnet with Internal Threaded Stud / Boss Mounting
  • Pot Magnet with Threaded Through Hole Mounting
  • Limpet Pot Magnet
  • Surface Protecting Slide Resist Clamp Magnet

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