Fluorescent Luminous Paint

Fluorescent Luminous Paint, Nights Glow in The Dark, Night Luminous Paint, Night Glow Waterproof Long-Lasting Fluorescent Liquid High-Gloss Luminous Paint Water-Based Blue Green

Luminous paints are becoming more and more popular. Our luminous coatings are available in a wide range of colours, giving you the freedom you need to find a luminous paint colour to suit your needs. With high visibility, our fluorescent paints are perfect for both interior or exterior use and on various different surfaces, including concrete, brick, wood, masonry and metal.

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Glow In The Dark Luminous hobby paint - Green Luminous Paint

The paint appears light pale green almost invisible in daylight, then bright glowing green in the dark. Out of all the colours we sell this is our strongest glowing and longest lasting glow paint. This is our water based version, also known as quick dry. This is the one we would recommend for use by children as it is practically odourless.

The glow will charge up with exposure to electric light bulbs or blacklight (UV) ultraviolet, or daylight. We import our bare materials (Super Phos phosphorescent glow in the dark pigments) from America and China and blend our own formula paint.

They produce the strongest and longest lasting glow of any available. The paint is intended for use on card, paper, wood, cloth, some plastic surfaces, most painted surfaces. Most dry and clean surfaces can take this paint. However some may require white primer first to grip well (in anycase it is always best to paint glow in the dark paint over a white background). If you are not sure please ask. This paint should not be used on nails, skin or hair. We have other products to use for that.

Main Product Details:

Our Glow In The Dark range are a special type of Photoluminescent pigment, derived from non-radioactive natural rare earth mineral crystals that possess the unique capacity to absorb and store energy from ambient light. In darkness, the crystals instantly begin to emit a luminous glow by releasing the stored light energy.

Natural rare earth mineral crystals are the primary components that energise our Glow Pigments. Due to the utilisation of Alkaline Earth Aluminate, a relatively new technology, we offer the brightest and longest lasting phosphorescent Pigments. These Pigments will mix with any clear on the market, however, simply mixing with water will not work.

All our pigments are tried and tested, rest assured we produce or source the highest grade pigments on the market. Unlike many other powders, our Glow In The Dark range of pigments are specially coated/encapsulated and are of a large particle size, so will not dissolve into your chosen mixing medium (can be used with any oil or solvent based clear medium on the market)

Tips to get a good phosphorescence

  • Adequate number of passes (at least 3)
  • Total darkness (no ambient lighting)
  • Time and type luminous recharge
  • Light colour background (white rather than dark)
  • A strong phosphorescent colour rather than a low one (green rather than purple)
  • Temperature (heat excites phosphorescent effect whereas cold inhibes it)

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