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Whiteboard Markers / Dry Erase Wet Erase Markers

You can write on your whiteboard with dry wipe marker pens. These markers are available in various sizes, colors and types available in different paks, rounded or diagonal. Magnosphere.co.uk offers a range of dry wipe whiteboard markers, suitable for whiteboards, memo boards and smooth surfaces such as glass and porcelain. They are fast drying, ideal for left handed users and have Dry Safe ink, allowing the pen to be left uncapped for days without drying up.


Chalk markers, Glass Pen, white, wipeable, 1 piece
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Chalk markers, pink green yellow fluorescent wiped 3 piece
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Magnetic whiteboard marker holder for 4x whiteboard marker
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Starter kit for whiteboards, rotary tables, flipcharts, Markers, Sponge, Magnets
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Whiteboard Marker Wallet of 4 assorted colors - black, red, blue, green
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Whiteboard Marker: Dry Erase and Wet Erase Markers / Liquid Chalk Markers

Whiteboard markers are the unsung heroes of conference rooms and classrooms. These understated writing tools let you solve problems and brainstorm ideas freely, without the permanence of pen and paper. The most satisfying ones lay down bold lines that your colleagues can see from across the room, flow as fast as your thought process, and erase with ease.

Whiteboard markers are a classroom necessity because relying solely on paper handouts is neither sustainable nor economical. Additionally, some students find whiteboard markers more engaging and tangible as personal study tools. To make the learning process interesting and efficient.

Our sortiment includes chalkboard marker that, unlike traditional chalk, produces zero dust and mess, won't smear once dry, and is easily removed using water. Chalk markers are the go-to writing solution for everything from home grocery and to-do list to interior decorating projects and drawing media for a variety of business including cafes, restaurant and grocers. Oh, how we love these chalk markers! The markers paint like a pen, but have a chalk appearance. They come in versatile white, as well as in bright, fluorescent colors and allow you to draw on chalkboards, the back window of the bride and groom's getaway car, glass, and other surfaces. Our chalk markers are non-toxic, food safe, and clean up easily with water.


When you use a whiteboard marker, the ink should last long enough to serve its purpose but also easily erase. For brainstorming and scratch notes, we recommend dry erase markers. These markers are solvent-based and will wipe off without water. For signage and long-term projects, use wet erase markers. A wet erase marker contains a semi-permanent paste that requires water for removal. Rubbing alcohol and household cleaners will remove more stubborn wet erase marks that are left on for a long time.

Tip Material

Tip material affects feedback, tip longevity, and line precision. Whiteboard markers typically have “felt” tips made from materials such as nylon or polyester. Two types of felt-tip markers exist. One is a densely packed fiber housed in a plastic or metal funnel. These tips hold their shape longer and create consistent lines. However, users may experience more feedback with them because they feel harder and produce more friction on a whiteboard surface. The other kind of felt tip is made of a spongy, loosely packed fiber, which lends the tip flexibility. While easier to write with, these fray over time.

Tip Shape & Size

Chisel or brush tips yield more varied strokes while rounded bullet tips produce less varied strokes. The latter, however, are easier to control. Tip size is also important. Thin tips allow for more detail but those who write with them may experience more feedback. In contrast, broad tips create less detail but are smoother to write with.

Marker Body & Components

A whiteboard marker’s composition can affect its performance. Polypropylene plastic (PP) provides the most durability and impact resistance. Caps and pen bodies made of PP won’t break easily and tend to stay tightly sealed to ensure the longevity of a whiteboard marker. The internal design of a board marker can also impact how long it lasts. For example, the Pilot Board Master Whiteboard Marker is a refillable marker with special ink delivery technology that makes it consistent. Consider the durability or replaceability of the tip if you select refillable whiteboard markers, which need to last longer.

Drying Out

The woe of many a whiteboard marker user is that whiteboard markers dry out quickly. To maximize their longevity, store whiteboard markers horizontally. Long-term vertical positioning with the tip pointing upwards causes the pigment to precipitate out of the solution, leaving the tip with reduced color. If this happens to you, don’t panic; there are ways to revive dead markers. One way is to temporarily store the marker with the tip facing downwards so that the ink saturates the tip. You can also use pliers to completely remove the tip and turn it to the “juicier” side.


For those sensitive to strong odors or in closed areas with lots of people, use low-odor markers. Some of the most low-odor markers include the Zebra Mackee Double-Sided Wet Erase Markers and the Staedtler Lumocolor. Most whiteboard markers are alcohol-based, so they will emit some kind of odor. We suggest keeping your working area well-ventilated.


Another consideration when selecting whiteboard markers is pigmentation. If you often give presentations or teach classes, you know how important it is for people to be able to see what you write on the board. On the other hand, if intense colors are hard on your eyes, you may prefer lighter shades.

Writing Surface

Differences in surface texture affect staining and erasability. Dry erase markers work best on smooth, nonporous surfaces. Porcelain-on-steel whiteboards are the best to use because they are smooth and easy to clean. Cheaper alternatives include powder-coated steel, painted steel or aluminum, and glass. Wet erase markers work best on laminated surfaces, though they will write on and erase from any smooth, nonporous surface.

Who supplies high quality Whiteboard Markers?

Magnosphere offers best priced Whiteboard Markers globally to all industries, including Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Advertising, Design House, Electronic and Academic/R&D. Please inquire for custom Neodymium magnets or magnetic assembly.

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