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for strong neodymium magnets and super magnets

Welcome to Magnosphere, the online shop for neodymium magnets, the strongest magnets in the world.

A highly qualified company in the production of magnets, magnet solutions, magnet technology and magnet systems, a highly qualified technology company with the highest quality standards and customer service. Specialist in the production of strong magnets made of neodymium (NdFeB), ferrite and AINiCo, as well as iron foil, magnetic foil and magnetic tape.

We provide solutions for top companies in the world!

We have a wide range of neodymium magnets in all possible shapes such as discs, cubes, cuboids, rings, cylinders, wedges and other irregular shapes, and we also manufacture magnets for special applications. We are specialized in magnets, technologies and solutions.

Manufacturer of neodymium magnets, ferrite, Alnico and SmCo magnets at great prices

Magnosphere is the specialist for super strong magnets, power magnets, super magnets made of neodymium and samarium, ferrite magnets as well as magnet systems at a reasonable price! Neodymium or NdFeB (neodymium, iron, boron) magnets are waiting for you. Our magnets are usually always in stock, available in large quantities and ready for immediate shipment! In our Online Magnet Shop: Magnosphere, you will find a wide range of all neodymium super magnets - the strongest magnets in the world! - combined with round-the-clock service - now you can buy the desired super magnets at a low price, and they are immediately available in large quantities! Our customers appreciate our experience in manufacturing magnets, office magnets and school magnets directly from our production and guaranteed at the best prices.

Office magnets and school magnets: strong colourful magnets for whiteboards and magnetic boards in various designs

With brightly coloured office magnets you can quickly and easily attach notes, pictures or even important documents to your magnetic surface, such as a magnetic board, metal board, magnetic pin board or refrigerator. In our large selection of office magnets, you will find cheap magnets in various designs from elegant to playful and also rectangular or round for your annual planner. Shop online right away, you don't want to do without our practical magnets anymore. School magnets / learning magnets / horseshoe magnets for school and magnet experiments: Physics and experiments are part of the classical teaching requirements and serve as accompanying illustrative material to make the theoretical teaching material comprehensible.

Neodymium magnets: the strongest in the world - super magnets with great holding power - magnets from the manufacturer - great prices

Super magnets: here you can buy the strongest neodymium magnets as discs, cuboids, rings, cubes, spheres in different sizes, as self-adhesive sets. With us you will find strong magnets, permanent magnets that have up to 50% more energy than conventional magnets, so-called super magnets. Our product range includes a large selection of magnets of various dimensions and shapes at reasonable prices. If you do not find your desired type or size, we will be happy to make you an individual offer. Due to our large stock as well as the daily dispatch we can supply you fast and in a flexible way. We have more than 1400 different permanent magnets on offer. From small mini magnets - 1mm up to powerful super magnets.

Top Categories in the Online Power Magnet Shop: extremely strong power magnets - fast flexible delivery!

Magnets: In this section you will find various permanent magnets in different shapes and strengths, made of different magnetic materials. Huge selection of magnets! Magnet systems: In this section you will find classic magnet systems, rubberized and pot magnets with integrated magnets made of neodymium or hard ferrite. Office magnets: Office magnets are used in ordinary everyday life such as in the office or in private households. Magnetic foils: Here you will find various articles that can be applied flexibly and easily on uneven surfaces. Ideal for attaching photos or notes to metal surfaces. Iron foils: Our flexible iron foils / ferro foils / metal foils are very well suited as an adhesive base for