Ferrite Pot Magnets with External Threaded Stud

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Ferrite Pot Magnets with External Threaded Stud is built with a disc magnet embedded in a high-permeability stainless steel shell. This Pot Magnet holds the advantage of a solid external thread and is excellent for gripping and holding applications with a strong neodymium magnet enclosed in a protective metal pot. The threaded bushing or screw socket allows for a variety of screw-in connection. Buy now!

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Ferrite Shallow Pot Magnet with an External Thread

Magnosphere Magnets offers pot magnets that produces increased amount of force into a material known as ferromagnetic. Coated with Ni or Zinc plated steel, Ferrite Pot Magnet with External Threaded Stud have an improved magnetic circuit, which allows clamping forces to achieve minimal size.  To clamp up the magnet in such a place there are some pot magnets comes in standard hole and a nut. Within the pot assembly of these magnets, it carries out NdFeB permanent magnets.

Some versions have an additional rubber coating also. Although, this rubber coating introduces an “air gap” which reduces the maximum clamping force. The additional friction provided the magnets to be clamp on a vertical surface, with extra friction to minimize sliding.
The sheer force required to slide a pot magnet along a clamped surface is approximately 1/5th of that of the direct pull force required to pull the magnet perpendicular to the clamped surface; using a rubber coat magnet which improves the sheer force.

The Pot Magnet that produces an with Male Threaded / External Threaded Stud / Boss, Mounted on a dimension in such way, that the basic pot size and the size of the stud which are given to the total height. The height of the main pot magnet plus the length of the stud.

Function of Pot Magnets (Neodymium Magnets) with Threaded Stud

  • Principle: The strong neodymium magnets are embedded in a steel pot. The steel pot increases the adhesive force of the magnet on direct contact with a thick iron surface. If there is no direct contact with the counterpart, or if the steel plate is thin, painted or rough, you can strain it much less.
  • Shear force: The indicated adhesive force was measured perpendicular to the surface to which the magnet should stick. It takes a lot less strength to move the magnet sideways. Therefore, you can strain a pot magnet much less if you use it on a wall as opposed to using it on the ceiling.
  • Rust: These magnets are not rust-proof and therefore intended for dry indoor use.


  • These magnets have only one surface of magnetic attraction. This type of construction prevents further spread of magnetic field. Due to this, other items or machine parts in the vicinity of the pot magnets do not become magnetized.
  • These magnets have ability to retain their magnetic force indefinitely.
  • The magnetic force of these magnets are only affected by the increased temperature and external magnetic force.

How does a pot magnet differ to a regular magnet?

Magnetism is confined to one face only, where it is concentrated to give the maximum holding force possible for the size of the magnet. They are more resistant to chipping and cracking as they are protected by their steel shell.


These magnets are versatile magnets which are designed for various industrial applications. The popular industries in which these magnets are used are as follows:

  • The metal and steel industry
  • Tool shops
  • Used to position ferrous-magnetic work pieces


  • The permanent pot magnets must not be exposed to radioactive radiations for longer duration as it might effect their magnetic strength.
  • This can work within permissible temperature. If these magnets are used beyond permissible temperature limit it might again affect their magnetic strength.

Pot magnets can be fabricated into many shapes and types:


Types of pot magnets

Allowed Temperature

Alnico pot magnets

3.6 ~ 3.8 g/cm3

Ceramic pot magnets

92 ~ 97 Hs (A)

Neoflux pot magnets

58 ~ 78 kg/cm2

Samarium cobalt pot magnets

125 ~ 165 %

Pot electromagnets pot magnets

180° C

Pot Magnets, Ceramic Pot Magnets, Alnico Pot Magnets, Samarium Cobalt Pot Magnets, Neoflux Pot Magnets, Other Pot Magnets

Depending on the temperature durability these magnets are of following types:

  • ceramic magnets
  • alnico magnets
  • Samarium Cobalt Pot Magnets
  • Other Pot Magnets

Buy Pot Magnets online at Magnosphere

We offer an extensive range of Pot Magnets, from small Pot Magnets lifting 400g up to large Pot Magnets lifting up to 160kg. They exist in a wide range of diameters and heights. We actually offer far more sizes and pull forces across the range than shown on this site – if you cannot see a Pot Magnet of the right size or performance, please contact us for our complete brochure range.

We offer seven types of Pot Magnet plus a Surface Protecting Slide Resist Clamp Magnet

  • Pot Magnet with External Threaded Stud / Boss Mounting
  • Pot Magnet with Internal Threaded Mounting (Deep Pot)
  • Pot Magnet with Countersunk Mounting (Shallow Pot)
  • Pot Magnet with Through Hole Mounting
  • Pot Magnet with Internal Threaded Stud / Boss Mounting
  • Pot Magnet with Threaded Through Hole Mounting
  • Limpet Pot Magnet
  • Surface Protecting Slide Resist Clamp Magnet

We offer Pot Magnets in a silver (chrome, zinc or nickel) finish, a white paint finish, a red paint finish, black rubber coated finish and ferritic stainless steel finish.

Our Pot Magnets can be used in a variety of applications. For example they can be used in extremely cold applications (in theory towards absolute zero) and in extremely hot conditions (up to +300 degrees C, perhaps up to +350 deg C).

All the Pot Magnet types can be used for ambient temperature indoor applications where moisture content is low or negligible. NdFeB Pot Magnets are best for maximum pull strength with a small size. Ferrite Pot Magnets can be used for corrosion resistance, marine, low cost and higher temperature applications. Alnico Pot Magnets can be used in higher temperature applications and where the pull force needs to change as little as possible with temperature variation. Alnico Pot Magnets can also be used in corrosion resistance applications. SmCo Pot Magnets can be used for extreme temperature applications and marine / corrosion resistance applications.

We offer rubber coated magnets to provide extra friction to minimise slipping across the clamped surface (the total pull force is reduced as an ‘effective air gap’ in introduced between the magnet and the clamping surface). It allows Pot Magnets to clamp more securely to a vertical surface with reduced slip (this compensates for a need to have a much stronger magnet – the force required to create a slip, or shear, on a clamped Pot Magnet is estimated as around 20% the maximum pull although the friction levels impact on this approximation). For note, the pull force values are based upon the Pot Magnet working at maximum magnetic specification clamping onto a much bigger high magnetic permeability mild steel base and the force stated is that required to guarantee removing the Pot Magnet on every occasion. Clamping onto thin sheet could result in a reduced clamping force as the thin ferromagnetic sheet magnetically saturates. Clamping through an ‘effective air gap’ also significantly reduces the pull force. And the temperature characteristics of the magnets also impact on pull force (above ambient temperatures result in reduced pull forces – the amount of reduction depends on the magnet material in the Pot Magnet).

Who supplies high quality Ferrite Shallow Pot Magnet with an External Thread?

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