Plastic Magnetic Soft Jaws, Soft Jaw vice Inserts, 103 mm long, 1 Pair

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Magnetic Soft Vise Jaws


Here’s an handy and affordable product that everyone can use in their home workshop. When working with a vise you have to be careful not to mar or gouge the item you’re clamping. People will use cardboard, old carpet, even scrap leather as “padding”. All those options can work, but magnetic soft vise jaws are a simpler solution. These come in matching sets, Measuring 4-6″ long these have an upside-down L-shaped cross-section. They are formed from a semi-soft polyurethane that won’t scratch metal (or gouge wood). Simply mount the plastic pieces over the metal jaws of your vise. The soft jaws are held in place by magnets embedded in the backside of the plastic. If you wish, you can saw off the ends of the soft jaws for a better fit on smaller vises.

  • Easy to use. Simply place over existing jaws
  • Protects work piece from scoring or marking
  • Available in standard serrated face or multigrips face for holding a variety of round objects in a variety of angles
  • Magnetic strip holds jaws in place
  • Supplied as a pair


Technical Information:

  • Magnetics Vice Jaws can easily be attached to any vice above 110mm in width.
  • No clamping is required to attach to the jaws of the vice.
  • The magnet material in the vice jaws is neodymium and the surrounding material is polyurethene.
  • The jaws have a broad lip to enable easy location on the vice.
  • 4 vertical ’V’ grooves in the jaws securely hold workpieces up to 20mm in diameter.
  • They are constructed of shatterproof, non-slip, non-scratch durable plastic.
  • Suitable in matched pairs.
  • Durable plastic faces.


Uses and Applications:

  • Secures round and irregular workpieces without damage or distortion to any type of workpiece.
  • Suitable for use in engineers vices.


      Length (mm) Height (mm) Width (mm) Weight
      103 32 31 130 grams





  Manufactured after 2013/01/01, The object of the declaration described above is in conformity with DIRECTIVE 2011/65/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL an the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

  • Plastic Magnetic Soft Jaws, Soft Jaw vice Inserts, 103 mm long, 1 Pair


Item Number:


Packing quantity:

1 Pair


103 mm long


Plastic -  PE





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