Block Magnet 8 x 8 x 4mm Neodymium N45, Nickel - pull 1,8kg

Rare Earth (NdFeB) Magnetic Blocks - Super Strong


Neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets in the present time, their power is such that it is imperative to handle them with the utmost caution (risk of pinching, depending on the size of the magnet), please do not leave within reach of children. They are made ​​from neodymium-iron-boron, the maximum temperatures of use of magnets we sell is 80 ° C (we are able to provide, upon request, neodymium magnets whose max temp of use up to 150 ° C).All magnets that you will find in our online shop have an axial magnetization. On request, we are also able to sell magnets of other materials (AlNiCo, SmCo) supporting higher temperatures but whose power is less than that of neodymium.


Neodymium Bar Magnets is a special shape of block neodymium magnets; the height is far larger than length and width. The power of Neodymium Bar Magnets is very strong when contacting another magnet or plain iron, very difficult to pull away (easy to slide however).



  • Powerful Rare Earth (Neodymium) permanent magnet.
  • High gloss Nickel coating, for protection against corrosion.
  • North pole dent for manufacturers to identify the product's North pole. 
  • Maximum operating temperature 80°C / 150°C


Neodymium Bar Magnets applications:

Loudspeakers, motor assemblies, windmill, Home appliance, acoustics, communication equipment, toy, car, servomotor, step motor, DC motor and linear motor, microphones.



Neodymium magnets are extremely powerful. Crushing and bruising injuries can occur when handling these magnets, especially the larger ones. When two magnets collide together, small pieces can be broken off and cause injury. For these reasons the magnets should be handled carefully and they should definitely not be allowed to crash into one another from a distance. Magnets should never land in children’s hands because swallowing them can lead to serious medical problems.


Particularly the larger neodymium magnets should never be stored or used near devices or objects that can be damaged by magnetism. This can include, among others, televisions and monitors, credit cards, bankcards, computers, data storage devices of all kinds, video and music cassettes, mechanical clocks and speakers. A large magnet can also disturb heart pacemakers. When in doubt you should exercise caution!

  • Block Magnet 8 x 8 x 4 mm
  • Neodymium N45
  • Coating: Nickel
  • Max. temp 80° C
  • Pull 1,8 kg


Technical Specifications:

Product code:                  



Block / Bar


8 mm x 8 mm x 4 mm

Length 8 mm
Width 8 mm
Height 4 mm
Material: NdFeB
Quality: N45


Ni-Cu-Ni ( Nickel )

Total weight:

1,95 g

Max. Temperatur:

80° C

Adhesive force (Kg) 1,8 kg


magnetic  10 x Block Magnet  8 x  8 x  4mm Neodymium N45, Nickel - pull 700gmagnetic polarization

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