Hookmagnet Ø 75 mm neodymium - holds 160 kg

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Hookmagnet Ø 75 mm neodymium - holds 160 kgHookmagnet Ø 75 mm neodymium - holds 160 kg


High Power Neodymium Clamping Magnets with removable hooks are ideal for holding portable lighting to steelwork, holding cables off of the floor on building sites and provide a temporary or permanent hanging point on any steel surface. The smaller sizes are often used in supermarkets to hold promotional signs that are suspended on wires attached to the magnets which are attracted and held to metal ceilings.


These magnets are only magnetic on their bases and because the ultra strong neodymium magnet is secured inside a strong steel shell, they can be continually clamped onto steel surfaces without cracking or chipping.


Hanging posters and banners from ceilings is made easier with our extensive range of hook magnets. In high and expansive interior spaces such as supermarkets, exhibition areas, large DIY stores and even car ferries and cruise ships, hanging banners and posters provide an excellent medium for promotional messages and customer information

Securing changeable overhead signs to the metal structure of ceilings or roofs using traditional materials can sometimes be a headache - but not with our range of powerful circular holding magnets. Size for size, they give exceptional lifting power at prices that compare favorably with other alternatives, so the solution they provide is a cosmetic, versatile and permanent one for changeable displays.


These large clamping magnets provide an astonishing 2 kg clamping force. The Neodymium magnets are sunken in to a steel shell meaning that the north pole is on the centre of the magnetic face and the south pole is on the outer edge around it. The steel pot increases the adhesive force of the magnets giving them an incredible hold for their size. An added advantage of these magnets is that they are resistant to chipping or cracking following constant impact with a steel surface.


These magnets come with a safe-handling warning; because they are so powerful they can be dangerous if not handled carefully.



Hookmagnet Ø 75 mm neodymium - holds 160 kg   Hookmagnet Ø 75 mm neodymium - holds 160 kg





  Manufactured after 2013/01/01, The object of the declaration described above is in conformity with DIRECTIVE 2011/65/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL an the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

  • Neodymium hook magnet
  • Diameter Ø 75 mm
  • Zinc coated
  • max. temp. 80 °C
  • pull 160 kg


Technical Specifications:

Product Code:


Pack Size:




Magnetic Face:

Ø 75 mm

Pot height:

18 mm







Vertical Pull (Kg):


Max Temp (degrees C):





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