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3M Self Adhesive Neodym Magnetic Sheet / Magnetic Sheets

This Neodymium magnetic sheet is designed to provide the strongest grip possible on magnetic metal based surfaces. The magnetic tape is self-adhesive and pliable, ideal for a diverse range of applications. Because our self-adhesive, flexible magnetic sheets are easily cut to size with scissors it makes their creative uses endless. Whether you are a craft enthusiast, want to create your own signs or want to make your artwork or photos magnetic you will find our magnetic sheets really useful. Because they are much less powerful than 'hard' Neodymium magnets they are much easier to handle and work with.

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Neodymium Flexible Magnetic Sheets, NEODYMIUM Magnetic sheet/Strip 3M adhesive3M Self Adhesive Neodym Flexible Magnetic Sheet

These Self Adhesive Flexible Neodymium Magnetic Sheet are designed for attaching favourite artworks, photographs and sporting memorabilia and the like to walls and other vertical surfaces often improves the amenity of a room. Whether in the workplace, home or school or hospital, these decorative items can give ongoing comfort and inspiration to people who occupy these spaces. Neodymium Flexible Magnetic Sheets can provide mighty holding force for many of these tasks, and offers significant advantages over more common fixing methods.
Magnetic strips or self-adhesive magnetic sheets adhere to different surfaces with the aid of a metal plate affixed to the back of items, without breaching or penetrating the walls painted surface. This capability of magnets over nails, screws and some other adhesives makes it easier to move the items to a different position on the wall reducing the need to repair the damage created by a penetrative fixing. Repairs needed to fix screws, nails or hooks can require the entire wall be repainted thanks to the difficulty of matching paint colours. Our  Neodymium Flexible Magnetic Sheets are easily cut to size with scissors it makes their creative uses endless. These sheets are made from the strongest flexible magnetic material on the market and are ten times stronger than our standard flexible products.

Flexible Magnets/Flexible Magnetic Sheets & Strips, Adhesive Magnetic Sheets, Flexible Adhesive Magnets, Rolls of Flexible Magnetic Sheet Sheeting, magnetic sheets and rolls with indoor and outdoor adhesive, flexible adhesive magnets, Magnets Magnetic Sheets

Magnetic Sheets are very adaptable, versatile and the best alternative when you require a cost effective flexible magnet for your office, factory, warehouse or home. Our Flexible Magnetic Sheeting can be used for a variety of applications such as promotional magnets, invitations, business cards, identifiers, car signs, craft, arts, general hobbies and many other commercial purposes. Magnetic Sheets from AMF Magnetics, have a PVC coating suitable for various kinds of printing  as well as writing on with whiteboard markers.

Flexible Magnets/Flexible Magnetic Sheets & Strips, Adhesive Magnetic Sheets, Flexible Adhesive Magnets, Rolls of Flexible Magnetic Sheet Sheeting, magnetic sheets and rolls with indoor and outdoor adhesive, flexible adhesive magnets, Magnets Buy Magnetic Sheets and Sheeting by the roll or per metre!

Our Magnetic Sheeting are a specialised range of Flexible Magnets made from Strontium Ferrite powder with a thermoplastic carrier. They are magnetised on one side (back) only and can be stuck onto any ferrous metallic surface. Magnosphere provides a huge range of Sheet Magnets in a variety of colours, sizes and lengths (by the roll or per metre). Choose from Our White, Coloured or Self-Adhesive Magnetic Sheets

Flexible Magnets/Flexible Magnetic Sheets & Strips, Adhesive Magnetic Sheets, Flexible Adhesive Magnets, Rolls of Flexible Magnetic Sheet Sheeting, magnetic sheets and rolls with indoor and outdoor adhesive, flexible adhesive magnets, Magnets Sheet Magnets

Sheet magnets are one of the most inexpensive magnets that are available in the market. These magnets are smooth, nonporous and are all weather resistant. The strength of the magnets can be increased by either increasing the width of the sheet or through magnetizing method.
The magnetic strips can also be supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing or foam tape backing on one side for more bonding strength. For increasing the holding power, in some case, these magnets are also provided with steel backing to increase the holding power. The magnetization and the pole spacing of different sheet magnets are different because different applications require different magnetization. There are two methods of manufacturing magnetic sheet:

  • Extrusion process
  • Calendaring process


  • The sheet magnets have the following applications:
  • Craft Items
  • Markers
  • Signs
  • Refrigerator Magnets
  • Business Card Magnet
  • Advertising Boards
  • Advertisement

Flexible Magnets/Flexible Magnetic Sheets & Strips, Adhesive Magnetic Sheets, Flexible Adhesive Magnets, Rolls of Flexible Magnetic Sheet Sheeting, magnetic sheets and rolls with indoor and outdoor adhesive, flexible adhesive magnets, Magnets Extra Strong Magnet Sheets  

Anisotropic flexible rubber magnets are made by mixing ferrite magnet powder with synthetic rubber or plastic. When barium or strontium ferrite powder are consolidated with polymer matrix, anisotropic flexible rubber magnets are produced. The magnets so produced, have an excellent flexibility in permanent magnetic material field. These magnets because of their flexible feature can be easily molded and cut into stripes without affecting their magnetic properties. They also have an excellent machining characteristics.

Flexible magnetic sheeting is available with a variety of high quality laminates that are typically applied to the non-magnetic (weak) side. The most frequently used laminates are vinyls or adhesives depending on the required function of the magnet. Flexible Magnetic Sheeting is used for vehicle signs, creative projects, promotional items and many more consumer and commercial applications.We carry a a large stock inventory of flexible magnetic sheeting in different thicknesses, in rolls of different lengths, and with either white or plain brown finishes.

Flexible magnets are ideal for indoor & outdoor signs, warehouse labeling, vehicle signs, displays, visual aids, toys, games, arts & crafts, advertising premiums, POP displays, architectural planning layouts, bulletin boards, trade show applications and more. If needed, we can custom slit rolls or custom cut the sheets to your desired length.

Magnetic sheets are of following types

  • Rolling Magnetic Sheets: The rolling magnetic sheets are powerful magnets which find their usage for large-scale advertising ornaments, toys and diversified craft works.
  • Cutting Magnetic Sheets: The cutting magnetic sheets have their utility for instruments, meters, sensors, advertising ornaments, toys and different kinds of craft-work.
  • Calendaring Magnetic Sheets: The calendaring magnetic sheet too like rolling magnetic sheet is used for advertising ornaments, toys and various craft works.
  • Plain Magnetic Sheets:These magnets are without any laminations.
  • Colored Magnetic Sheets: They are laminated with colored vinyl (PVC).
  • Self-Adhesive Magnetic Sheet: They are laminated with self-adhesive tape.
  • 1.6 for more holding strength.
  • Magnetic Labels: Everything you need for magnetic labels, including pre-cut and write-on / wipe-off options.
  • Matched Pole Strip: Apply magnets face-to-face or even side-to-side without worrying about aligning the poles!
  • Magnet Receptive: We offer magnet receptive foil tape, lightweight metal sheet with paper surface and even printable ferrous sheet!
  • Magnetic Strip: Our magnet strip is available in rolls or pieces, plain, with adhesive, or with color laminates.
  • High Energy Magnet Strip: A stronger version of our standard magnetic strip, made in energy levels of 1.0 to 1.6 for more holding strength.

Magnetic Sheet Features

Application should be made onto a flat, dry surface, after first removing any contaminants such as dirt or oils. Avoid extreme heat or cold, which could impact PSA flow. Apply with firm, equal pressure – 12 hours of pressure is recommended to obtain optimal flow and adhesion.

  • The magnetic properties of the flexible rubber magnets are higher than that of sintered isotropic ferrite magnets.
  • It is easy to give desired shapes to the magnetic rubber as the punching, cutting, perforating and bending are easy and simple.
  • Available in different length, breadth and thickness
  • The surface can be laminated with double sided self-adhesive and color PVC
  • They are both isotropic and anisotropic
  • posses good magnetic strength
  • They are non porous and weather resistant

The different applications of flexible rubber magnets are:

Magnetic Sheets/Rolls is a permanently magnetized, synthetic, rubber-based material which has countless applications in the signage and graphics industries. Magnetic sheeting is the perfect solution to semi permanent advertising applications. Magnetic sheets are best suited for: Advertising Displays & Signs, Motors, Sensors, Learning material, Decoration magnets for refrigerator, Magnets for toys, Vehicle signage, Labeling projects shelf and bin marking, Arts and Craft and toys, POP displays, Markers, Business Card Magnet, Advertising Boards, Advertisement, Window and Door Seals, Control Charts and Menu Boards, Package closures, Large Format & Interchangeable Graphics, Magnet Wall Systems.

  • Easy on! Magnetic sticks easily to metal surfaces.
  • Easy off! Just pull- no damage to surface. Use again and again and again.
  • Easy does it! Screen print or paint. Cut your design with a sharp knife or scissors.

Who supplies high quality 3M Self Adhesive Neodym Magnetic Sheet?

Magnosphere offers best priced 3M Self Adhesive Neodym Magnetic Sheet globally to all industries, including Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Advertising, Design House, Electronic and Academic/R&D. Please inquire for custom Neodymium magnets or magnetic assembly.

Buy 3M Self Adhesive Neodym Magnetic Sheet at Magnosphere and get a better deal!

We can also custom manufacture these to fit your exact specifications using our in-house global manufacturing facilities and team of experienced engineers. Need high quantities of magnets at the lowest and fairest price possible? Just let us know what you are looking for and contact our Customer Care Team by sending us a request for quote! We'll work with you to determine the most economical way of providing you with what you need.


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