Flexible Magnetic Tape, Strip Combination 12,7mm+25,4mm

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Flexible Magnetic Tape, Strip Combination 12,7mm+25,4mm and 1.5mm thick is perfect for use on porcelain tile, plastic, metal and other smooth surfaces. Simple to cut with scissors, you use it by peeling the lining and sticking your project to the sticky side of the magnet. This magnet works well for shelf labels, decorative refrigerator magnets, and pictures. Ideal for craft projects, craft magnets, picture magnets, magnetic tape, automotive, tools, photo magnets, school, dot magnets, magnetic wall, magnetic labels, picture magnet, magnet square, magnetic sheet, magnetic sticker, vacuum cleaner, magnetic tape.

Important Notice: Magnetic Sheets and Magnetic Tape Strips are magnetic and can only be paired with a magnetic receptive surface or magnetic receptive material, for example Whiteboard or magnetic foils.
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Flexible Magnetic Tape 12,7mm + 25,4mm

Magnosphere magnetic tape can be applied to a wide variety of magnetic surfaces to keep your important documents, pictures, schedule, and memos organized. The thin magnetic tape roll measures 1 inch wide and 30 meter in length but can easily be cut to your preferred length and size. For best results make sure to flatten out the product after opening, the magnetic backing will ensure that the dry erase strip stays secure on most magnetic surfaces. Cut the dry erase roll into magnetic tape strips to label filing cabinets, toolbox, shelves, refrigerators, and retail signs.

Adhesive magnetic tape rolls are perfect for securely magnetizing any lightweight project. If you're a hobbyist, crafter, teacher, or professional, you will find our adhesive magnetic strip rolls easy to use and very versatile. Featuring extreme flexibility and durability, this product can be easily cut with a regular scissors. After cutting the magnetic tape to the desired length, simply peel off the liner and stick your project to the sticky side of the magnet. Now you can securely affix your creation to file cabinets, refrigerator doors, or any other steel surface.

Main Features:

  • Dry Erase Tape: Stay on top of your busy schedule with this magnetic strip; place onto the refrigerator or bulletin board to organize your appointment reminders, coupons, bills, and study schedules.
  • Strong Magnet: The heavy-duty magnetic tape is easy to apply to any magnetic surface such as a fridge, locker, bulletin board, or whiteboard.
  • Reusable: Use dry erase markers to write notes, messages, and reminders on the dry erase tape roll; simply wipe off and reuse.
  • The Perfect Size: The magnetic tape can be cut with scissors to your desired length and size.

Product Features:

  • BRAND MAGNOSPHERE MAGNET is the leader in the craft magnets niche. Our Product Bestsellers have 10000+ excellent reviews. We offering our own produced Magnetic Tape to our customers. Longtime tests proved high quality & strength of our Magnetic Sheet - Magnetic Tape.
  • PREMIUM Quality Material with Long Lasting Anisotropic Magnet! Magnetic Roll Tape: 1,5 cm x 5 m, 10m and 30m.
  • STRONG, DURABLE & FLEXIBLE Magnetic Strip with 675 Gauss - Ideal holding power. STRONG TESA ADHESIVE BACKING - Stronger than most brands out there!
  • EASY TO CUT AND INSTALL magnetic stickers. Sticky magnet side does not leave any mark. Adhesive on one side, flexible magnet on the other - sticks great on plastic, metal, concrete, tiles and more. Can be used in totally different fields: Education, Science, Kitchen & House, Office, Building, Creativity & Craft and so on. Perfect for any DIY projects!
Important Notice: Magnetic Sheets and Magnetic Tape Strips are magnetic and can only be paired with a magnetic receptive surface or magnetic receptive material, for example Whiteboard or magnetic foils. Cuts of magnetic foils, iron foils or other foils are excluded from exchange or return.

Flexible Magnetic Tape Magnetic Tape Strips  High Energy Flexible Magnet Strips A & B

Adhesive Magnetic Tape is versatile with a magnet on the back and a indoor adhesive on the front. Simple to cut with scissors, you use it by peeling the lining and sticking your project to the sticky side of the magnet. This magnet works well for shelf labels, decorative refrigerator magnets, and pictures.

Magnetic Strips and Magnetic Tape are high quality products that provide an excellent solution for many industrial, commercial, exhibition, point of sale work, identification purposes and home/office applications. Self-adhesive flexible magnetic tape is magnetic on one face and has premium self-adhesive (Tesa 4965) on the other face. We hold magnetic tape in different colours, widths and thicknesses all offering individual properties. Order your magnetic tape in A and B profile.

This flexible magnetic rubber is commonly used for promotional displays, office and warehouse labelling, attaching photos, banners, posters, documents, retail, exhibition and merchandising sectors to quickly display signs, photographs, posters and other point of sale display items or printed material to any ferrous metallic surface. Magnosphere supplies a wide range of handy magnetic strips and tape in different sizes, colours and thickness. Magnetic Strips and Magnetic Tape are a specialised range of Flexible Magnets. We supply a large range of self adhesive and coloured magnetic strips and tapes and magnetic labels. The thicker the magnet the stronger it is.

Try our "performance adhesive" backed magnetic tape for a cost effective way of mounting your POS products. This solvent based acrylic adhesive has a high resistance to plasticizers and is most suitable for using on PVC and metal.  This 1.5mm thick magnetic tape offers unbelievable holding strength, which combined with the Tesa 4965 adhesive backing gives you a product that simply will not fail.

Available in both the A and B. Ideal for craft projects, home, graphics, banners, signs, display, white, dry erase boards, automotive, tools, kitchen, bathroom, garage, living rooms, classrooms. Other uses include shelf labels, arts and crafts, commercial and industrial use, creative kid projects, office organization.

Key features:

  • Super high tack acrylic adhesive backing
  • Powerful 1.5mm thick magnetic strength
  • Cost effective mounting solution
  • Easy to cut with a scissors
  • Can be used as fridge magnets
  • Conformable and easy to cut
  • No mess, simple and effective


Magnetic Tape rolls are composed of two layers of magnets of the opposite poles, therefore the strips will not attract or stick itself to each other or to other magnets. The magnet tape strips main duty is for attracting small and light metal objects.

How are flexible magnet strips made?

Raw materials of ferrite powder and rubber polymer resin are mixed and blended by several machines, then formed either by calendering for magnetic sheeting or extrusion for magnetic strip. The sheeting or strip is then magnetized, laminated with vinyl or adhesive, cut to size, rolled onto a core, and packed for delivery.

When is magnetic tape a good choice?

Flexible magnets offer a uniquely desirable combination of properties and lower cost than other type magnets for advertising specialties and lightweight holding applications. Lower energy flexible magnets perform well in a wide variety of applications for store, office, warehouse, school and home. They are easy to print on and easy to cut with scissors, knife or die.

Self-Adhesive Magnet Strips, Magnetic Tape. flexible strip magnets, Strong Magnet Strip, Magnetic Strips, Self Adhesive Flexible Magnetic Tape
All of our magnetic sheets are unique with a protective back-coating. The back-coating is a safe barrier between the magnetic surface and the surface to which it is applied. It reduces the risk of paint damage when magnetic sheet is applied to painted surfaces like vehicle signs. It is also important to screeners where magnets must be easily removed from stacking during printing process. Self-Adhesive Magnet Strips, Magnetic Tape. flexible strip magnets, Strong Magnet Strip, Magnetic Strips, Self Adhesive Flexible Magnetic Tape


Standard thickness: 0.010", 0.015", 0.020", 0.025", 0.030", 0.045", 0.060" (+/-0.003")

• > 0.010": Ideal for advertising specialties. Lower cost and light weight.
• > 0.030": For vehicle signage. Strong enough for wind sheer at highway speeds.
• > 0.060": Preferred for applications requiring higher strength, and thicker profile.
Standard roll width:  24 3/8"    
Maximum roll width: 40.0"
Custom roll width is available.

Standard roll length: 50 ft/roll, 100 ft/roll or 200 ft/roll.
Custom roll length is available.


A variety of high quality laminations are available that are typically applied to the non-magnetic (weak) side of the sheeting.

Vinyl Features

  • High quality top coat allows superior adhesion of most screen print inks and    lettering enamels
  • Will not crack when material is flexed
  • Excellent weather resistance to rain, snow, and summer heat
  • Vinyl Choices
  • Gloss White
  • UV Ink Gloss White
  • Write-on/Wipe-Off Gloss White

Colors Choices:

  • Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Gold, Brown, Ivory, Chrome, Silver

Adhesive Choice

  • Rubber-Based indoor and outdoor adhesive for craft and indoor application
  • Rubber-Based high tack adhesive for outdoor applications
  • Acrylic-Based adhesive for indoor or outdoor adhering to plastics and soft vinyls


Magnetized sheets are available in several poles per inch (PPI) configurations from 4 to over 12 ppi, optimized for specific applications. More poles per inch increase the holding strength, but reduce the reach of the field. Few poles per inch increase the distance at which the magnet attracts, but reduces the ultimate holding strength. Pole per inch capability is also a function of the thickness of the sheet, thicker sheets having fewer ppi.

Magnetization Patterns

Magnetization Patterns

Magnetic Strength

Magnetic strength is increased by increasing the magnet thickness. Under ideal test conditions, magnetic sheeting can be rated in approximate pounds of pull per square foot.

Self-Adhesive Magnet Strips, Magnetic Tape. flexible strip magnets, Strong Magnet Strip, Magnetic Strips, Self Adhesive Flexible Magnetic Tape

Temperature Resistance

Operation temperature range is recommended from -40ºF to 160ºF (-40ºC to 71ºC).                                                                                                            


Max. Energy Product


Coercive Force

Working Temp.

Tensile Strength




























Other Physical and Mechanical Properties

Special properties can be achieved with custom method.                                                                                                                

Heat Expansion Modulus ( °C )
28 x 10-5
Hardness ( Shore A )
90 - 100
3.6 - 3.7 g/cm³


Corrosion Resistance Properties

Special properties can be achieved with custom method.                                                                                                                 


Corrosion Resistance Property

Detergent Excellent
Weak lkali Excellent
Motor Oil Excellent
Alcohol Good
Ketones Poor
Aromatic Hydrocarbons Poor
Water Excellent

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