Flexible Magnetic Tape/Strips 25,4mm - strong

Flexible Magnetic Tape/Strips 25,4mm - strong

Magnetic Strips and Magnetic Tape are high quality products that provide an excellent solution for many industrial, commercial, exhibition, point of sale work, identification purposes and home/office applications. Self-adhesive flexible magnetic tape is magnetic on one face and has premium self-adhesive (Tesa 4965) on the other face. We hold magnetic tape in different colours, widths and thicknesses all offering individual properties. Order your magnetic tape in A and B profiles.

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25.4mm wide x 1.5mm thick Magnetic Tape with Premium Self Adhesive, Self Adhesive Magnetic strip 12,7mm, Flexible Magnetic Tape, Self-adhesive Tape and Strip Magnets High Energy Flexible Magnet Strip 25,4mm / Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape - strong

Extruded Strip is widely used in exhibition and marketing displays. It is an extremely versatile product with the capacity to convert almost any material into a fridge magnet. Extruded Magnetic Strip is flexible enough to conform to many unusual shapes including cylindrical columns. PLEASE NOTE: When attracting Extruded Magnetic Strip to a steel surface, you can use either TYPE "A" strip or TYPE "B" strip. When attracting one Extruded Magnetic Strip to another Extruded Magnetic Strip, you must use TYPE "A" strip on one surface and TYPE "B" strip on the other surface to ensure accurate alignment of the two magnetic strips.

Designed to provide a strong grip on magnetic metal based surfaces, the magnetic tape is self-adhesive and pliable. This magnetic tape is ideal for a diverse range of light weight applications.

At 12,7mm wide and 1.5mm thick this roll of magnetic tape has a high quality TESA 4965 adhesive which is suitable for most substrates and can be used for many different applications both indoor or outdoor. This Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape features a permanent adhesive which will adhere to metal, primed wood and most plastics.

Our 12.7mm X 1.5mm (Type A) Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape can also be easily cut with scissors and applied. Type A Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape and Type B Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape will both adhere to ferrous (steel) metal and Magnosphere Tapes. If you want to stick two strips together then you will have to buy both side A and side B or they will be joined offset from each other. Type A Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape will attract to type B but Type A will not attract to Type A and Type B will not attract to Type B Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape.

What does type "A" and "B"? Well the "A and "B" refers to the polarity of the tape. Simply put type "A" will stick to type "B". Whereas two equal tapes would repel each other, as would two “B” tapes. Please note both "A" and "B" tapes will attach themselves to any metal or magnetic surface such as fridges, metal shelving or steel tape.

Key features:

  • Super high tack acrylic adhesive backing
  • Powerful 1.5mm thick magnetic strength
  • Cost effective mounting solution
  • Easy to cut with a scissors
  • Can be used as fridge magnets
  • Conformable and easy to cut
  • No mess, simple and effective

How are flexible magnet strips made?

Raw materials of ferrite powder and rubber polymer resin are mixed and blended by several machines, then formed either by calendering for magnetic sheeting or extrusion for magnetic strip. The sheeting or strip is then magnetized, laminated with vinyl or adhesive, cut to size, rolled onto a core, and packed for delivery.

When is magnetic tape a good choice?

Flexible magnets offer a uniquely desirable combination of properties and lower cost than other type magnets for advertising specialties and lightweight holding applications. Lower energy flexible magnets perform well in a wide variety of applications for store, office, warehouse, school and home. They are easy to print on and easy to cut with scissors, knife or die.

Self-Adhesive Magnet Strips, Magnetic Tape. flexible strip magnets, Strong Magnet Strip, Magnetic Strips, Self Adhesive Flexible Magnetic Tape
All of our magnetic sheets are unique with a protective back-coating. The back-coating is a safe barrier between the magnetic surface and the surface to which it is applied. It reduces the risk of paint damage when magnetic sheet is applied to painted surfaces like vehicle signs. It is also important to screeners where magnets must be easily removed from stacking during printing process. Self-Adhesive Magnet Strips, Magnetic Tape. flexible strip magnets, Strong Magnet Strip, Magnetic Strips, Self Adhesive Flexible Magnetic Tape


Standard thickness: 0.010", 0.015", 0.020", 0.025", 0.030", 0.045", 0.060" (+/-0.003")

• > 0.010": Ideal for advertising specialties. Lower cost and light weight.
• > 0.030": For vehicle signage. Strong enough for wind sheer at highway speeds.
• > 0.060": Preferred for applications requiring higher strength, and thicker profile.
Standard roll width:  24 3/8"    
Maximum roll width: 40.0"
Custom roll width is available.

Standard roll length: 50 ft/roll, 100 ft/roll or 200 ft/roll.
Custom roll length is available.


A variety of high quality laminations are available that are typically applied to the non-magnetic (weak) side of the sheeting.

Vinyl Features

  • High quality top coat allows superior adhesion of most screen print inks and    lettering enamels
  • Will not crack when material is flexed
  • Excellent weather resistance to rain, snow, and summer heat
  • Vinyl Choices
  • Gloss White
  • UV Ink Gloss White
  • Write-on/Wipe-Off Gloss White

Colors Choices:

  • Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Gold, Brown, Ivory, Chrome, Silver

Adhesive Choice

  • Rubber-Based indoor and outdoor adhesive for craft and indoor application
  • Rubber-Based high tack adhesive for outdoor applications
  • Acrylic-Based adhesive for indoor or outdoor adhering to plastics and soft vinyls


Magnetized sheets are available in several poles per inch (PPI) configurations from 4 to over 12 ppi, optimized for specific applications. More poles per inch increase the holding strength, but reduce the reach of the field. Few poles per inch increase the distance at which the magnet attracts, but reduces the ultimate holding strength. Pole per inch capability is also a function of the thickness of the sheet, thicker sheets having fewer ppi.

Magnetization Patterns

Magnetization Patterns

Magnetic Strength

Magnetic strength is increased by increasing the magnet thickness. Under ideal test conditions, magnetic sheeting can be rated in approximate pounds of pull per square foot.

Self-Adhesive Magnet Strips, Magnetic Tape. flexible strip magnets, Strong Magnet Strip, Magnetic Strips, Self Adhesive Flexible Magnetic Tape

Temperature Resistance

Operation temperature range is recommended from -40ºF to 160ºF (-40ºC to 71ºC).                                                                                                            


Max. Energy Product


Coercive Force

Working Temp.

Tensile Strength




























Other Physical and Mechanical Properties

Special properties can be achieved with custom method.                                                                                                                

Heat Expansion Modulus ( °C )
28 x 10-5
Hardness ( Shore A )
90 - 100
3.6 - 3.7 g/cm³


Corrosion Resistance Properties

Special properties can be achieved with custom method.                                                                                                                 


Corrosion Resistance Property

Detergent Excellent
Weak lkali Excellent
Motor Oil Excellent
Alcohol Good
Ketones Poor
Aromatic Hydrocarbons Poor
Water Excellent

Who supplies high quality Magnetic Tape/Strips 25,4 mm?

Magnosphere offers best priced Magnetic Tape/Strips 25,4 mm globally to all industries, including Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Advertising, Design House, Electronic and Academic/R&D. Please inquire for custom Neodymium magnets or magnetic assembly.

Buy Magnetic Tape/Strips 25,4 mm at Magnosphere and get a better deal!

We can also custom manufacture these to fit your exact specifications using our in-house global manufacturing facilities and team of experienced engineers. Need high quantities of magnets at the lowest and fairest price possible? Just let us know what you are looking for and contact our Customer Care Team by sending us a request for quote! We'll work with you to determine the most economical way of providing you with what you need.


Magnosphere conforme con la directiva RoHs y los reglamentos Reach y PFOS Magnosphere conforms to the RoHs directive and the Reach and PFOS regulations. Directive 2002/96 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, of January 27, 2003, on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

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